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Marine Surveys

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A marine survey of a vessel can be performed for a variety of reasons, the most common of which are:

  1. Pre-purchase condition and valuation.
  2. Pre-insurance risk inspection.
  3. Condition and valuation for bank financing purposes.
  4. Estate, probate, divorce or other legal purpose.
  5. Damage assessment

Regardless of the reason for the survey, it is important that the inspection be thorough, and that the final report be comprehensive, clear and easy to understand.

Regarding legal purposes, a report that is prepared for a court proceeding may be required to contain certain specific information and otherwise meet special court mandated criteria, including specific reporting deadlines. A report that falls short of required court mandated minimum requirements may be rejected by a judge.

Please call to discuss what option might best fit your needs.


At Great Lakes Marine Surveyors Co. Inc. we provide a survey format which we refer to as a “Condition and Value Survey”. Suitable for pre-purchase, insurance or finance, this comprehensive format includes a structural and cosmetic evaluation of the exterior hull, interior hull and framing, decks and deckhouse, cabin spaces, machinery and electrical systems, (test-operating where possible), rig and standing rigging, (for sailboats), and an itemization and test operation, again where possible, of additional systems and items of equipment. The inspection also includes moisture testing of hull and deck laminates of fiberglass vessels, using a Tramex Skipper moisture meter.

The finished report is broken into the above categories, and also includes sections pertaining to repairs and recommendations and market valuation.

As part of your survey report you will often receive copies of supporting documents which often include a  History Report, USCG PSIX report, Ohio title history and a comparable sales history report. Photos are usually available and will be sent upon request via an email link.

We offer oil and coolant sampling and analysis, including expedited 24 hour turnaround at an additional charge.

If additional services are required, such as photography, core sampling, fastener or hardware examination, or close up rig and rigging inspections, please call and we will be happy to discuss available options.

Likewise, if engine compression testing, engine computer analysis or engine surveys (primarily done with diesel engines)  we can discuss available options with you, and can refer you to independent technicians in the area.


Our company can also accurately examine your vessel after loss or damage. This service can be especially important in cases where extensive hidden damage may exist. The financial and safety considerations which can arise when a vessel is only partially repaired can be considerable. No one wants to “sign off” on an insurance claim when the possibility exists that the yacht may still have significant hidden and unforeseen damage. A vessel that may seem eminently repairable on the surface may actually be beyond practical repair and a total loss based on the hidden damage.


Finding out up front that prospective purchase was diagnosed as a total loss can save time and expense pursuing a boat that might not be worth pursuing. Also, it is usually helpful to find out first that the boat which was “only used in fresh water” actually spent its first decade in South Florida. We can often determine such information prior to heading out, as we would rather know about it up front too. We will usually do a preliminary background check at the time of assignment, and are available at selected hours for more in-depth consultation over the telephone.

Please call (440-946-1111) or email ( to discuss what we can do for you.