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A marine survey of a vessel can be performed for a variety of reasons, the most common of which are:
1. Pre-purchase condition and valuation.
2. Pre-insurance risk inspection.
3. Condition and valuation for bank financing purposes.

Regardless of the reason for the survey, it is important that the inspection be thorough, and that the final report be comprehensive, clear and easy to understand. Nothing can irritate an owner, buyer, agent or banker more than a survey report that is overly complicated or difficult to understand.


At Great Lakes Marine Surveyors we provide a survey format which we refer to as a "Condition and Value Survey". Suitable for pre-purchase, insurance or finance, this comprehensive format includes a structural and cosmetic evaluation of the exterior hull, interior hull and framing, decks and deckhouse, cabin spaces, machinery and electrical systems, (test operating where possible), rig and standing rigging, (for sailboats), and an itemization and test operation, again where possible, of additional systems and items of equipment. The inspection also includes moisture testing of hull and deck laminates of fiberglass vessels, using either a Tramex Skipper 2, or Sovereign, moisture meter.

The finished report is prepared in a narritive style, broken into the above categories, and also includes sections pertaining to repairs and recommendations and market valuation. It is NOT the type of fill-in-the-blanks, one or two page check sheet which is usually rejected by banks and underwriters.

Additional services, including, but not limited to, photography, core sampling, fastener withdrawl, compression testing, (gasoline engines only), and oil sampling/analysis are available on request for an additional charge.


Our company can also accurately examine your vessel after loss or damage. This service can be especially important in cases where extensive hidden damage may exist. The financial and safety considerations which can arise when a vessel is only partially repaired can be considerable. Also, what responsible skipper wants to "sign off" on an insurance claim, when the possibility exists that his yacht may still posess 5, 10 or 20 thousand dollars, (and maybe more) of hidden and unforseen damage. And what insurance company wants to send a boat owner to sea in a vessel that is less than 100% sound. Remember, a vessel that may seem eminently repairable on the surface may actually be damaged beyond practical repair, and a total loss.

Our DAMAGE SURVEY REPORT can help you avoid unnecessary headaches and hassles after a loss.


We maintain files on the approximately 15,000 vessels which our company has inspected in our 30 year history. Frequently we can be of assistance in providing information, for a consultation fee, which pertains to vessels in which our customers may have an interest.


Finding out over the telephone that a prospective purchase was diagnosed in the recent past as a wreck can, and does, save the time and money wasted pursuing such a craft. We are available at selected hours for consultation over the telephone.

She looks great but before you buy ...

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