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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I have a vessel surveyed, what kind of guarantee do I get?
A: None. A marine survey is the opinion of the surveyor that inspected the craft as to the conditions that existed on the craft at the time of the inspection. It is not a guarantee, warranty or insurance policy. In fact, most surveying companies, ours included, include disclaimers in their reports stating specifically that they are not to be held responsible for any errors or omissions.
Q: My boat is made of fiberglass, not wood, so why do I need a survey?
A: Most of our customers don't realize how few fiberglass vessels are made completely of fiberglass. Most production 'glass boats have wood or plywood stringers, hull framing, bulkheads and transoms. Decks, and sometimes hulls, are frequently constructed with balsa core, referred to as sandwich construction. It is quite possible for a "fiberglass" boat or yacht to have a significant rot problem, that is invisible to the eye.
Q: How do you find hidden rot or problems? What methods or tools do you use?
A: This is a little like asking the magician how he does the magic trick. Normally, the laminates and structures are examined visually, and through a combination of tapping, or sounding, with a hammer. Sometimes tight areas are probed (gently), with a pick or probe. A good surveyor leaves no marks. Also, the laminates should be tested for moisture content with a moisture meter.
Q: Who makes the best boat today?
A:It's suprising how often this one gets asked. There isn't any one best boat or manufacturer. Some companies are known for sport boats, some for cruisers, some for fishing, etc. Some builders are primarily known for building the best package for the price. Expect to pay a consultation fee in order to discuss this subject at length with any surveyor, for it cannot be addressed briefly. Often, a 15 or 30 minute consultation with a knowledgeable surveyor cannot only bring you up to date on whose product isthe best for the money, but what particular make and model may best fit your needs.

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